Monday, January 6, 2020

Child Abuse At High School - 1397 Words

Being a sophomore in high school, I noticed people with small bruises and scars. It doesn t really change the way I look at them, other than they might seem different to others and are very mute. People don’t understand the circumstances of their home life, until we notice them walking around town a lot, just to avoid their homes and hurtful parents. We don t do much other than, tell friends what we notice and we feel bad, but don t do anything to help, we want to, but how? Everyone has different stories, we come up with lame excuses, just so we don t feel bad or feel the obligation to step in and help. Then there are the kids who bully classmates just to feel better about themselves, but have we stopped a minute to realize that they†¦show more content†¦Sexual abuse, neglect, mental abuse, exploitation, and physical abuse, a problem that goes around is that people only think it s an abuse if it s violent. However, that s not the only difficulty that children suffer f rom being abused. When a parent purposely tells a child that could mentally break them down, is also a form of abuse; mental abuse. Abuse verbally can hurt just as much as physically; even though physical abuse is used on children about 10% more than emotional, stated by the (NCANDS) National Child Abuse and Neglect Data system. Child neglect can conclude into hurting the health of those children during and after the beating.The abuse doesn t stop when the guardian leaves them alone, because it s always there in the back of their mind; haunting them. Primary source â€Å"Child abuse and neglect statistics† Written by the health and human sources stated that neglect on children is used 62.8%, which is the most used on children, published in 2007. ( What is neglect? Neglect is a type of abuse that the caregiver, doesn t care for the child. There are varieties in child neglect along with Physical neglect; which is not giving the child proper necessity to havi ng a healthy life, including food, clothes, and shelter. Physical neglect can also comprise of abandoning the child, inadequate supervision along with rejection of the

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