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Writing Skills For College Students - 1457 Words

In the world of education, a plague has struck many students. Instructors everywhere try to contain this epidemic call plagiarism. This struggle of writing has touchdown in many campus across the country. This is the result of students feeling the pressure of writing more than in the past. The problem with writing is not because students don’t know how, but rather feeling the pressure to meet socially place standards without plagiarizing. Many students plagiarize due to the burden of succeeding. These strains can come from parents, wanting great achievements from their children. Coupled with the awareness of proper writing skills for future job opportunities. Equally, looking apart amongst peers can cause students to plagiarize. Another factor can be blamed solely on the laziness of students. I am sure laziness is at the bottom of excuses for college students plagiarizing. The want to meet the standards that has been placed on them by society. As a student in college, good gra des is the number one bullet on my list. That comes with a lot of stress to get my paper accurate, so I can get the grade to meet the standard. Firstly, many students plagiarize since there is an abundance of pressure to succeed. Writing is an essential skill everyone needs to processes in their everyday life. With that said, it will be embarrassing for my little cousin to ask for my assistant in writing her name, but not being able to write. I remember my elementary school teacher would constantlyShow MoreRelatedWhy College Students Fail?862 Words   |  4 PagesThe education a student acquires, impacts their life for the long run. Without a substantial education, it is challenging to find a decent job. Many students are going well beyond their bachelor degrees nowadays, such as going for masters, and PhD’s, to obtain better jobs. However, college students/graduates are being unemployed due to insufficient writing skills. Even with such degrees, if one is not adequate enough in writing skills it is difficult to get employed. In the article, â€Å"For $100K,Read MoreCollege Writing Importance1004 Words   |  5 P agesimportance of college writing can be easily argued to have zero importance to most. It is really the laziness in me that would try to argue writing is to no importance but I find much greater reasons to support the ideas of writing being a very essential skill. Writing is a skill not every occupation will have thrown at them, but anyone wanting to try to get a higher paying job will come across writing. Knowing how to write college level can only benefit one. Arguing that college level writing to haveRead MoreCurrent Conditions And Desired Conditions1421 Words   |  6 PagesInstruction 10 Goal of Instruction 11 Appendix A: Student Pre-Assessment 13 Appendix B: Teacher Survey 16 Different Words: Same Meaning Discussion of Instructional Problem American college students know research and essay writing is an inevitable aspect of their educational career. Gathering research based materials and paraphrasing this information can be daunting for some English speaking students. For college bound English as a Second Language (ESL) students this task of paraphrasing research sourcesRead MoreGrammar Usage And English Class895 Words   |  4 Pagesexceptions to grammar rules has created a sense of dread among many learners. Yet, it is not only the student that shies away from grammar conversations, but many teachers themselves feel inadequate in the grammar usage, both in speaking and writing, as well as their assessment of student writing. With the national push to embed writing across the curriculum, many teachers feel ill-prepared to assess students on their grammar. While they may concede it is important, many teachers would argue the place forRead MoreDigital Technology Into The Learning Process Essay1513 Words   |  7 Pa gesAcademia has been slow to incorporate digital technology into the learning process, and English courses seem to lag behind most other subject areas. Even when trying, College professors are challenged because post-secondary students â€Å"separate into different stratifications†¦ according to their previous academic, social, and professional experiences with computers – experiences that, in turn, are often dependent on age, class, race, and gender† (Bancroft, 2016, p. 47). These stratifications createRead MoreChallenges Facing Students At Secondary School Level1490 Words   |  6 PagesThe Difficulties and Challenges Facing Students at Secondary School Level in Al-Kharj City with Writing in English Table of contents: Page Number Section 3 1-Abstract 3 2-Introduction 4 3-Literature Review 4-5 4-Significance of Research 5 5-Research Question 5 6-Research Methodology 6 7-Ethical Considerations 6 8-Limitation of The Research 6-7 9-Expected Results 7 10-References Abstract Writing has always been regarded as playing a prominent role in learningRead MoreEffects Of The Sat On A Student s Future1188 Words   |  5 PagesThe SAT’s do not teach the skills needed to function on the job, and hinder the creativity needed on the job. The SAT’s also divide people into â€Å"high-scored† and â€Å"low-scored†, which excludes people from certain jobs, even though they might have the qualifications for that job. Both these reasons cause a student to not receive the job they may deserve. But there are ways to reverse this epidemic. Colleges may implement a different admissions process; one that judges a student on more than their academicRead MoreThe Difficulties And Challenges Facing Students1468 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Writing has always been regarded as playing a prominent role in learning a second language. The purpose of this research was to investigate the difficulties and challenges facing students in writing and spelling, the factors causing these difficulties and how to overcome these challenges. A total of 30 female students from three different female secondary schools in the Al-Kharj city participated in the study, and 6 teachers teaching English language for secondary levels with differentRead MoreThe Importance Of Academic Writing1158 Words   |  5 PagesWriting has become an essential way of communication in a technological world in which our voice has been transformed into written words, through text messages, e-mails, and documents widely used and published by everyone. By being a critical issue, students are compelled to learn College-level writing in college; although, the effectiveness of Academic Writing is a discussion among scholars its relevance should not be neglected. For some educators, academic writing does not add practicality to theRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Students921 Words   |  4 PagesActually, in the high school students got test as the SAT where every student had to write about a topic in just twenty-five minutes, for to prove th e improvement and skill of every student in redact, analyze and write an essay. Because the importance of the writing in the High school is focus in the making of new texts and the comprehension it, which good oriented and structured would convert in knowledge. The apprenticeship based in the writing; potency a whole of ideas, and generate bases for

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